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  • Concentric Ball Hand Carved Chess Pieces in Red Sandalwood ... 722 x 600 jpeg 99 КБ. www.ebay.com. Vintage Mid Century Modern Hand Made Carved www.moscowonthepotomac.com. Russian Hand Carved Wood Chess Set (16") - Handcarved ... 1024 x 683 jpeg 118 КБ.
Detailed miniature re-creation of the Wizard's Chess as seen in the movie Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone™. Set includes 32 chess pieces and playing board. Chess pieces measure 2 to 4 inches. Playing board is 18.5 x 18.5 inches.For Ages: 8+

Our wood sets are very affordable and feature some of the highest quality boards and pieces you can find in the price range. Our selection also features a variety of sizes and styles for your next wood chess set.

Hand Carved Grey Marble-Black Obsidian Chess Pieces Set. A sophisticated combination of variegated grey marble and black obsidian makes an elegant design. Carefully crafted by the Sierra family, this handsome set of chess pieces typifies Mexican artistry....read more.
  • Wooden Chess Pieces Hand-carved Barbarossa KH 78 mm. Hand-carved knight, High-quality Chess Pieces, AN 2114 / Barbarossa chess pieces are a very beautiful chesspieces set in classic Staunton design, hand carved i.. 83.00 EUR Ex Tax: 66.40 EUR
  • In this video I show off my very first trick carving, followed by one of my most recent, unfinished ones. Then I show some chess men I carved... before I los...
  • Most are hand-carved and hand-painted from kiln-dried European linden-wood, produced and sourced by the Russian American Company from small wood-working cooperatives in the villages around Moscow and St. Petersburg such as the village of Bogorodskaya which has historically been an...

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    Features of the Fischer Dubrovnik Series Chess Pieces: Tournament sized chess set 3.625" king height 1.5" base diameter Hand-Carved Pieces Weighted Includes Extra... Choose Options The Camaratta Collection - The Tahl Series Chess Set - Pieces Only - 3.875" King

    Bone & Ivory Chess Sets Ivory and bone have much to recommend them as material - some of the oldest chess pieces have been made in these solid natural materials. While bone is plentiful as an end product of animal slaughter, ivory is scarce - and nowadays conditioned by the international CITES convention prohibiting the trade in ivory to ...

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    Wegiel Wooden Chess Set Wood Board Hand Carved Crafted Pieces Made Folding Game Vintage. Sold by maly.market ... iCore® iCore Magnet Chess Sets Board Game ...

    “Ultimately chess is just chess – not the best thing in the world and not the worst thing in the world, but there is nothing quite like it.” W.C. Fields Turn the Challenging Part First The most challenging piece to turn is the knight, as it needs to be carved as well as turned.

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    StonKraft is a reputable brand when it comes to manufacturing chess sets in India. They’ve put their best foot forward when it comes to the Collector’s Edition Professional Chess Set. The pieces are elegantly hand-carved with a superb skill that is evident upon first glance at the pieces.

    Hand Carved, Pink and Ivory, Full Size, High Quality Showpiece!! The perfect game for offering a cerebral challenge, this hand crafted chess set will be a great conversation piece! The artisans work with onyx and marble, diligently hand-carving each tile and chess piece to display natural hues.

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    Make your chess games a little wilder with this tribal sea turtle designed chessboard, beautifully hand crafted from Indonesian albesia wood. The hand carved

    Features of the Fischer Dubrovnik Series Chess Pieces: Tournament sized chess set 3.625" king height 1.5" base diameter Hand-Carved Pieces Weighted Includes Extra... Choose Options The Camaratta Collection - The Tahl Series Chess Set - Pieces Only - 3.875" King

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    Let’s find out the meaning of these chess pieces. The Chess Board and What Chess Pieces Represent. Although technically not considered as a chess piece, the chess board is also a part of the entire chess set and it is impossible to play a game without it. When closely examined, the chess board actually resembles a battlefield.

    Enjoy hours of fun with this hand-carved jade chess set. This jade chess set is handcrafted by artisans in Hotan, China, a city along the Silk Road on the southern edge of the Taklamakan Desert, in one of the most remote parts of Xinjiang Province. Hotan is renowned for its jades and silks, which are considered the finest in China.

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    The chess pieces in this ivory set are hand carved by master artisans from the finest materials. They are modelled after the traditional shape and stature of the original Staunton pattern. White's army is, of course, made from ancient wooly mammoth ivory, while Black's pieces are carved from ebony wood.

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    Chinese Qing Dynasty Army Style 32 Bull-Bone Pieces Chess Set & Wood Box US $53.89 - 68.8 / Piece MEXICAN TARASCAN BONE WOOD UPRIGHT CHESS SET TURNED HAND CARVED PAINTED 32 p US $199.00 32-Piece Shot Glass Drinking Game Chess Set $19.99

    Speaking of chess pieces, the stunning, hand carved onyx chess pieces that come with this set really need to be seen to be believed. Sure, they look good in photos, but there is something about the beauty of seeing the variations of the stone in person that can’t be captured on camera.

Wood Hand Carved Chess on Dots set. More transparency and more 'breathing space' for the chess pieces. Available in different settings with unique coloured Chess Pieces up to regular and mixed combinations. These sets represent the original idea of the design to come to a chess board innovation.
3 3/4" African Hand Carved Wooden Chess Pieces. Everyone Likes Choice. We sometimes take that philosophy to the extreme by offering hundreds of sets to choose from.
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